The best of Sapmi (Winter)

Price: 975 NOK

Special offer for groups minimum 10 persons.

When you arrive Sami Siida,you will be greeted by real Sami Reindearherders.You will be guided around at the Sami Siida museum with narration about Sami culture, history and lifestyle. After guiding- the host will show you how to do reindeersledding. You can choose if you want to do the ride by your own or with one of the hosts. The sledding is on a small track at Siida. After sledding, the host invites you to a Lavvo-and here you will be served BIDUS. This is a traditional Sami meal made of reindeermeat, carrots and potatoes . Served with bread and water/juice + serving with bonfire coffee. 

While you are sitting by the fireplace, you will experience Tradiditional entertainment by host (JOIK-the Sami way of singing). 

 Additional-beverages (soft drinks, alcohol)